iPhone Project & Storyboard Sketchbooks

As of late, I have been working on the UI for an iPhone app. The overall experience has been exciting because it’s a change from designing websites. While I was sketching my ideas out on basic graph paper, I was thinking wouldn’t it be nice to have a project book where I can sketch out my ideas and keep everything organized. So I took some time to design my own iPhone application sketchbook. I showed the first edition to a friend of mine, Barry Ezell who builds iPhone apps and he loved it.

After taking some time to tweak the sketchbooks a bit based on feedback, I have released my first three iPhone application sketchbooks online for sale.

iPhone Application Project Sketchbook iPhone Application Storyboard Sketchbook : Dark Gray iPhone Application Project Sketchbook : Barry Ezell Edition

I have many more sketchbooks on the design table right now and I will be posting them as they are available. I also have a few request for personal projects so if you are interested in the possibilities, drop me a line.

Options for using special fonts on the web

As web designers, we want the ability to the ability to use fonts other than the basic web safe fontstacks. Eventhough browsers developers are working on solutions for us, the lack of native support and licensing are the main obstacles we need to get past. In the meantime, sIFR and cufon are great workarounds.

Mozilla announced the support of the WOFF file format in the upcoming Firefox (3.6) release. WOFF fonts are a smaller, more compressed format that allows for faster downloads.

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Useful Links About Using Twitter for Business

Updated : I have compiled a list of several sites that I feel have some good information for those thinking about using twitter for marketing your business.

Passing Variables to A Function in ActionScript 3

I have asked and have been asked, “How do I pass a variable to a function when using the addEventListener to call a function in ActionScript 3?”

Passing a variable to a function in ActionScript 2 was a fairly simple task. However, it is not so easy using ActionScript 3. There are a few more things you must do first.

In ActionScript 2, passing a string variable looked like this.

my_btn.onRelease = function(){
doThis("whatever variable you want goes here");

function doThis(a:String){

In ActionScript 3, this is what I need to do to get the same results.  I initially wrote the example below thinking at some point, I will have several buttons that the user will interact with such as a navigation menu.

var b:Array = [b1_btn, b2_btn, b3_btn];
var a:Array = ["zero","one","two"];

for (var i:int = 0; i<b.length; i++) {

b[i].addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickedOne);
function clickedOne(e:MouseEvent):void {
for (var j:int = 0; j<a.length; j++) {
if (e.currentTarget.name == b[j].name) {

function doThis(v:String):void {

Get the source fla file here.

If you have any questions just drop me a line.


There’s more than one way to solve this problem.

Thanks to kcreation for this solution.

var btns:Array = [b1_btn, b2_btn, b3_btn];
var a:Array = [“zero”,”one”,”two”];

for (var b in btns) {
btns[b].name = b;
btns[b].addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickedOne);

function clickedOne(e:MouseEvent):void {
var b:int = int(event.currentTarget.name);

function doThis(v:String):void {

Thanks to Mykola Bilokonsky for this solution.

var buttons:Array = [b1_btn, b2_btn, b3_btn];

var dict:Dictionary = new Dictionary();
dict[b1_btn] = “String Argument”;
dict[b2_btn] = new MySampleMovieClip();
dict[b3_btn] = 7

for each (var b:MovieClip in buttons) {
b.buttonMode = true;
b.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, myHandler);

function myHandler(e:MouseEvent):void {
var myVariable = dict[e.currentTarget];

My Creative Design Process

We as designers all have a design process. It’s the way we go about creating and building our projects no matter what they may be. So I thought I’d share mine. It’s a pdf of my design process that I share with clients. Now it’s a birds eye view of my process and does not drill down in to the gritty details of project management. It’s meant to be simple and straight forward. You can download it here.