Apple “Bans” Use of Adobe Flash CS5 to Build iPhone Apps

“When the elephants fight, the grass suffers!”

I  often say that when referencing political, self serving, chest pounding, pissing contests that get in the way of good ideas or people doing good work.  I, as were many others, was looking forward to the updates in adobe’s new CS5, especially the ability to develop an app using flash and export it as an iPhone app. But after reading this, it’s clear that myself and anyone else with those same ambitions will have to focus our attention on other mobile platforms such as android.

Not happy with Apple right now for such a schoolyard stunt days before CS5 is launched this Monday.

Read more about it on  Mashable

New Project : Custom Music Player Using Adobe Air

Today I was asked to build a custom player for visitors to the brands website. Seeing as how the site is a dynamic site that requires the page refresh in order to see new content, I have suggested using Adobe Air as the method of delivery for the player. That way visitors can download it and play the music independent of the site. Basic planning and deciding what business rules should apply started today.